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Deep Ebook

Luca Ferrand is a promising young police lieutenant.
Until the day he makes an irreparable mistake.
Six months layoff.
On the morning of a night of wandering in Pigalle, he meets a young woman, Tanya.
She tells him that she is threatened and begs him to help her. They live a night of love that marks them with the iron of passion. When he tells her that he is a policeman and that he can help her, she disappears.

A few days later, he learns that a body has been found.
The body of a young woman, decapitated, lying in a container at the bottom of a dead end in Pigalle. The autopsy reveals that this young woman indulged in extreme sexual practices and that she belonged body and soul to those who took her life. A slave, entirely subject to the will of her masters. On his body, a strange tattoo. The same one Tanya wore.
Despite his suspension, Luca will embark on a relentless investigation that will gradually monopolize his reason. He will sink into the depths of Parisian nights in search of Tanya. But the paths he will take will be without hope of return.

Deep Ebook

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