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The windscreen wipers were beating frantically in time under the torrential rain that was manhandling the vehicle. In the distance, the first lights of St. Marys began to flicker vaguely in the windshield, behind the trickle of raindrops.

The call from the switchboard pulled him out of his thoughts.  :

  Agent Elliott Cooper  ?


  You will take a right at the next intersection and continue on this path. The location of the contact will soon be displayed on your GPS.

He had to slow down to the point of almost stopping as the gusts of wind shook the off-road  ; yet a big white Chevrolet, unmarked, which had been allocated to him for the needs of the mission. Arrived at the intersection, he forked and left behind him the motels on the outskirts of the city. The neon signs that flashed at regular intervals faded in the rearview mirror one after the other  ; and with them, all the comfort he could have enjoyed after the long journey he had just made.

The signal that appeared on the GPS screen indicated an isolated point, located in the vast tracts of forest that surrounded the city of St. Marys, Pennsylvania.

He followed the marked route, winding five miles through rain-swept valleys, then left the road onto a muddy track that plunged into the woods. The storm had subsided, but visibility was still very poor  ; he could not see beyond ten meters in front of the vehicle. Several times the wheels got stuck. He maneuvered very slowly and had to stick his head out the window to find his way. He was already more than fifteen minutes late, and if he got stuck there, he risked a penalty on his next bonus.

He hated the rain.

It was a fairly normal thing for an agent specializing in field surveillance. After twelve years of good and loyal service for federal intelligence, he expected a little mercy from heaven, but often he had had the impression that the clouds only chose to pour over the countryside when he began the one of his hideouts...

  The Essence of Darkness


Price: 15.00 euro           E-book: €2.99

Format: 147 by 225 mm

Number of pages: 456

Genre: Thriller/Fantasy/Terror

Release date: May 11, 2018

ISBN 978-2-9561316-1-8

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